1. What Is OPTRA?

OPTRA is multi channel Student Online Performance Tracking System. This is useful in tracking and communicating the Academic performance and key information about your ward from anywhere, anytime at your convenience.

2. Who Can Enroll for OPTRA services?

An individual cannot enroll for this service directly. However they can enroll through the institution. Pls enquire about OPTRA in your wards school/college or share the details to enquiry@inzaxis.com so that we can talk to the institution directly.

3. Can a parent subscribe directly to OPTRA?

No. They can influence the school/college where their ward is studying. Pls enquire about OPTRA in your wards school/college or share the details to enquiry@inzaxis.com so that we can talk to the institution directly.

4. Is it mandatory that entire school should opt for OPTRA service?

No. Institution can subscribe either to part or in full. In part can be few classes (Primary, High School etc) or for entire institution. It’s the discretion of the institution.

5. What kind of updates would I get on my wards performance?

A wide variety of information is available right from marks till transportation such as attendance, marks, fee alerts, holidays, seminars, projects, special classes, bus delays, timetable and so on.

6. What is IVRS?

IVRS stands for Interactive Voice Response System. It’s the automated phone service, and is similar to what you have experienced when what you have called your phone company for help. IVRS is presently available in Kannada, English, Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.

7. How often can we listen to IVRS and are there any special call charges which are applicable?

There are no such limitations. No special charges are applicable and its just another phone call.

8. Is it a bulk sms service?

No, its strictly personalized service from the institution and to the registered mobile numbers of the parents ONLY.

9. Will the SMS be blocked by the service provider if registered under DND?

Not at all. These are Transactional SMS similar to your bank alerts and you will receive them only from the institution with their name and signature.

10. Do we receive SMS immediately when my son/daughter has bunked the class?

Yes. This is possible when institute is using our Advanced Tab based Attendance system to receive real-time attendance alerts.

11. Can we login online to view my son/daughter’s performance?

Yes. Parents can login from the institution website or directly through optra-india.com to view details such as attendance, test marks, calendar of events, portions for upcoming test, SMS alerts sent and much more.

12. What is the fee for this service?

It depends on many parameters. Please email your contact details we will get in touch with you.

13. My ward’s college is not interested what shall I do?

Send us your details and ward’s college details we will meet them with a demo and convince them.

14. What is the validity of OPTRA Service?

OPTRA service is valid for the duration of the contract the institution has signed with us.

15. How long does it take to setup OPTRA?

OPTRA Service can be set up in just under 2 hours.

16. Can I have OPTRA implemented in coaching centre?

Yes, please contact us with the details.

Reach Us : enquiry@inzaxis.com

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